Sberbank modestly charmed shareholders with a record dividend

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in photobunny office savings Bank to work in an Agile formatSberbank modestly charmed shareholders with a record dividend© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

The annual meeting of shareholders of the savings Bank at this time is also not without demonstrations of technological innovations: new robots, drones to work with cash, electronic voting, agile offices interested in minority shareholders, but to conquer them are conservative methods – the payment record of dividends.

Dividends for 2016 exceeded 135 billion rubles, which is 25% of the net profit of Sberbank. However, this step is not so easy on largest Russian Bank – profits had to work in conditions very difficult and prolonged crisis over the past 20 years, said the head of Sberbank German Gref.

«This crisis was comprehensive, it was dictated by geopolitical tensions, structural issues in the economy and falling oil prices. Every crisis carries two components is always a big challenge and it’s always a possibility» — began his speech to a top Manager.

A lump sum payment of a record dividend will reduce the capital adequacy of the savings Bank by 0.5 percentage points, but the Bank will handle on their own and will not resort to state aid, promised Gref.

«There is no question that the Bank will pay meager dividends. While profitability increases, and with it will grow dividends,» — said the head of Russia’s largest Bank.
Robots and drones

At the main office of Sberbank on Vavilov street’s shareholders at the entrance of the meeting hall annual meeting were met by the robots and androids with artificial intelligence, with whom you can speak, asking any question, and at the Museum of Sberbank of guests expected, «Kuka arm», industrial robot for sorting the money.

Sberbank plans to create a special laboratory for robotics, robotization of their processes in the Bank, and summer can begin in Kazan experiment on delivery of cash in their office drones (unmanned aerial vehicles — ed.) said his Deputy Stanislav Kuznetsov

Sberbank begins to introduce robots into everyday practice, replacing them part of the staff, said on the sidelines of the meeting Kuznetsov.

«With the use of «hands Kuka» we actually automated the work area of the cash counting. This site was implemented in a pilot mode last year. This year we have typeserial this site and send this kind of technology in our regional offices,» said Deputy Chairman of Sberbank.

Sberbank is currently conducting an experiment to unite centers of cash circulation with the Bank of Russia and becomes profitable to use such robots for large amounts of cash, one such mechanical arm can replace approximately 12 people in turn told in the Museum of German Gref.

Shareholders were also looking for terminals for electronic voting, introduced in Sberbank this year. You can vote it the old fashioned way by filling out the newsletter, as well as remotely.

Agile to help

The creation of innovative products is beyond the scope of old procedures and Sberbank found the answer to this question in the transition to the agile principles, which means a flexible methodology in the management of the company, said Gref.

Format agile many projects that Sberbank had previously done the years, now can be implemented much faster, he said.

During the shareholders ‘ meeting of Gref demonstrated the new mobile application «Sberbank Investor», which was designed for both the skilled and unskilled players.

«Our customers and shareholders have long asked us to provide a convenient way of investments in securities on the stock exchange. The app is very simple exchange transactions have never been so comfortable,» — said Gref.

In June, the app can be used on iOS devices when you open a brokerage account, and before the end of summer it will be available for Android devices.

«That’s what two consecutive years have asked our shareholders at the annual meeting, so we have dated it to the shareholders’ meeting. But this app will be integrated in the «Sberbank Online» as one of the functions for the management of own financial resources», — said a top Manager.

To get out of my pants

Sberbank is not easy to keep this pace, we have to run as fast as possible as the company have to change in order to be successful, Gref said.

«Honestly, I am so on it and feel that it is not time. That is the feeling I have that I narrowly can’t complain. In my opinion, now so wide, the pants would not tear. We have a responsibility to our history, the Bank has 175 years. To ensure that the Bank existed then, it is necessary to run very fast,» he described Gref on a press-conferences following the results of annual meeting of shareholders.

«The second is the responsibility towards our customers. We want our clients receive the best services. There is no reason why we should not have to do it at the highest world level», — said a top Manager.

Gref and former head of the Central Bank, the newly elected head of the Supervisory Board of the savings Bank Sergey Ignatyev at a joint briefing pointed out that happy loving relationship with shareholders, this year from the rostrum were not to blame Sberbank in respect of dividends, and expressed harsh criticism.

«Regarding the gathering, it was quieter this year, all performances were essentially,» said Ignatieff.