The Foundation of the Doctor Lisa brought from the beginning, the treatment of 36 children from Donbass

© Fotolia / Konstantin YuganovБольница. Archival photoThe Foundation of the Doctor Lisa brought from the beginning, the treatment of 36 children from Donbass© Fotolia / Konstantin Yuganov

The Fund «Fair use Dr. Lisa» from the beginning, brought for treatment in Russia 36 children from the Donbass, the organization welcomed the extension of the decree of the RF government on provision of medical care to citizens of Ukraine which forcedly left the territory of the country, and look forward to improving the efficiency of their work, said RIA Novosti member of the Board, head of projects to help children of Donbass and Syria Natalya Avilova.

Earlier, the Cabinet extended the validity of the regulations from 2014, according to which in Russia can be rendered medical assistance to citizens of Ukraine which forcedly left the territory of the country and arrived in Russia in the emergency mass procedure; the cost of providing such medical care kompensiruet at the expense of the Federal budget. The government has made changes, completely eliminating from the document an indication of the time period «in the years 2014-2016», thus removing the restriction of validity of this decision.

«In 2017 «Fair use» continued to evacuate the wounded and seriously ill children, victims of hostilities… this year we have already evacuated 36 children. It all seriously ill or injured children who, because of the lack of equipment, medicines or doctors could not be saved in the South-East of Ukraine,» — said Avilova.

Despite the fact that the project of the Foundation for assistance to children of Donbass depends in part on government regulations, but it was officially extended in may, said the representative of the Fund «for a week, a day, our work did not stop, and officials of the Ministry of health and the MOE has continued to support our mission.»

«We expect that after the official renewal of the resolution not only the work of our organization can be made more effective, but also those citizens who have left the territories where they still are fighting, will be able to receive medical care in Russia is free, and most importantly will receive hope and the opportunity to save young children with serious chronic diseases,» she added.

Avilova also said that in early June there will be another evacuation of children in need of medical care; in this group there are children with neurosurgical, oncological, cardiological diseases.

The founder of the Fund «Fair use», human rights activist Elizabeth Glinka, known as Dr. Lisa, died 25 December 2016 during the crash of Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry, which was heading to Syria. The Fund «Fair use» was created for helping the homeless, hopeless, sick, lonely pensioners and disabled people who lost their homes and livelihoods. Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine Dr. Lisa regularly visited the Donbas with a humanitarian mission – for the transfer of medicines and food in hospitals, as well as to evacuate sick children. Many children with parents she accompanied to the Russian medical institutions, and assistance during this time, received hundreds of children. In late may, the Foundation officially changed its name and now its name reflects the name of the founder: «Fair use of Dr. Lisa».