The investigation in the «Gogol-Center» is not associated with the work, said Medina

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotobanka the building of the Gogol centre in MoscowThe investigation in the «Gogol-Center» is not associated with the work, said Medina© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has called for restraint and objectivity in the investigation of the situation in «Gogol-center», and also stated that it is irrelevant to the issues of art – this, he said, is solely on technical and accounting matters.

Searches in «Gogol-center» and home of its artistic Director Serebrennikov took place on 23 may in the case of embezzlement of public funds. According to the UK, persons from among the leadership of the nonprofit organization «the Seventh Studio», the founder of which was pieces of silver in 2011-2014 stole about 200 million rubles allocated by the state for the development and promotion of art. As previously noted by the head of Department of state support for art and folk art, Andrey Malyshev, at the time of the Ministry of culture annually allocates «the Seventh Studio» money for the project «Platform», total funding amounted to 216,5 million rubles.

«We try to come to the cultural sector of foreign money — not just sponsorship, but that people came and bought tickets… I watched carefully the reporting of the «Gogol-center». And attendance and its profitability last years grow, but at the entrance was nothing special,» said Medina in an interview to the program «Vesti on Saturday».

He noted that the situation with searches him confused.

«I was confused and very upset with this whole situation. Moreover, to say that I am disappointed is to say nothing. It seems to me that, as it happened, the most important thing is for both sides to exercise restraint and objectivity. On the one hand, we, of course, help an investigation, transfer the necessary documents, has the necessary documents, on the other, the same restraint you have to show and artists, because it’s not about creativity, and, of course, the investigators, too, when they communicate within the framework established by regulation, the usual and understandable, with the creative people», — he said.

Medinsky also said that perhaps «this will raise issues more tactful approach in the conduct of the investigation.»

«This investigation is irrelevant to the issues of creativity… In this case we are talking exclusively about the technical, financial and accounting matters. And here we must be restrained on all sides to exercise utmost prudence, caution and objectivity, especially considering the fact that, without a doubt, people who care, they are leaders, they are known all over the country, and often in the whole world,» added Medina.