The participants of business forum in Voronezh has opposed sanctions

© RIA Novosti / Juliana to Solovieva in fotoracconti bridge in Voronezh. Archival photoThe participants of business forum in Voronezh has opposed sanctions© RIA Novosti / Juliana to Slowemaperiod the image Bank

Russian and German entrepreneurs who took part in the past in Voronezh business-forum name of Wilhelm Stoll, opposed economic sanctions, said Friday the regional government.

Entrepreneurial forum name of Stoll took place on 25 and 26 may. In addition to lectures and seminars, the forum was organized platforms for discussion, exchange of contacts, where large enterprises and companies have found suppliers and business partners from small business. The main event of the business program of the forum on Friday was the plenary session «Business and government: an open dialogue» with the participation of Governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeev. The event gathered more than 1 thousand regional entrepreneurs. It was also attended by the President of the Association «German-Russian economic Union» Thomas Overbeck.

«A few years ago, by organizing this forum, we wanted the business community has found the strength and knew where to go and what to do, even in difficult times… We must survive and go forward, there are all prerequisites. Of course, we understand that the interaction of government and business is key to the stability of the economy and social policy, we understand that we have something to criticize and something for us to improve our work, so the meetings are meaningful constructive criticism. We will do everything to help your business feeling confident. The main mission of the government of the Voronezh region – the creation of an enabling environment for human development and entrepreneurship. To complete the greeting would in so many words, to paraphrase Karl Marx: the entrepreneurs of all countries, unite! Together we will win!» – said Gordeev.

Overbeck congratulated the Russian colleagues and also drew attention to the necessity of the Association of entrepreneurs of Russia and Germany, regardless of the political situation.

«Our German-Russian economic Alliance, all its representatives, who arrived today in Voronezh oblast, oppose sanctions and the political obstacles that are on our way. On the contrary, we stand for cooperation and achieving common objectives for the benefit of both parties,» said Overbeck.

According to him, the Russian and German businessmen equally appreciate the economic and political stability, favorable conditions for the planning of the business. «In the Voronezh region was well-established so-called framework conditions to support entrepreneurs. I think, Voronezh and German entrepreneurs, having some common ground needs to communicate more and share experiences. It will be useful to both parties», — said the President Overbeck.

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