The results of the summit in Sicily: the G7 countries are ready to strengthen sanctions against Russia

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The G7 countries are ready to strengthen sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, if required. This is stated in the final Declaration of the summit «the Big seven», which ended in the Italian city of Taormina in Sicily. The document also reflects the position of the participants on such issues as improving global economic growth, the situation in Syria, the fight against terrorism and cyber attacks.

Anti-Russian sanctions

The Declaration stated that the countries «the Seven» can lift sanctions when «Russia will fulfill its obligations.» «Nevertheless, we are also ready to take further restrictive measures to increase the cost to Russia if need be», — stressed the participants of the summit.

If this Declaration stipulates that, despite the differences, the G7 wants to cooperate with Moscow to resolve regional crises, «when it is in our interests.»

The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, promised to urge the leaders of the G7 countries to continue the sanctions policy against Russia.

«Since our last summit, we have not seen anything that would justify a change in our sanctions policy against Russia. So I’ll urge other leaders of the G7 to reaffirm this policy,» Tusk told reporters.

In the final documents of the summit «the Big Seven» last year it was said that the duration of sanctions «depends on the implementation by Russia of the Minsk agreements and to respect the sovereignty of Ukraine.» Moscow has repeatedly rejected accusations of meddling in the Affairs of Ukraine, stating that it is not a party to domestic conflict in the Donbass and the subject of the Minsk agreements on the settlement.

Economic growth

Their top priority the G7 said that the increase in global economic growth for higher living standards and create quality jobs.

«To this end, we reaffirm our commitment to the use of all… instruments — monetary, fiscal and structural — to individually and collectively achieve strong, sustainable, balanced growth…», — stated in the Declaration.

Moreover, the countries «Big seven» agreed «to leave their markets open and resist protectionism».

«We have made significant progress in reducing the presence of ISIS in Syria and Iraq and reduce its impact. We are committed to continue these efforts to complete the liberation of the occupied territories from ISIS, particularly in Mosul and in raqqa, in an attempt to complete the destruction of ISIS and end the violence, mass violations of human rights and international humanitarian law», — said in a statement.

In addition, the «Big seven» urged to punish those who commit crimes in the name of ISIS, including using chemical weapons.

«We reiterate our deep concern over the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and reiterate our condemnation of the use of chemical weapons anywhere, anytime, by anyone, under any pretext. Those individuals, organizations, groups, or governments who are responsible for such use, must be held accountable», — said in a Declaration.

The situation in Syria

The summit urged Russia and Iran to exert influence in Damascus for a cease-fire and hope that the decisions of the negotiations in Astana on areas of de-escalation will lead to a real reduction of violence in Syria.

At the same time, in the final Declaration, the leaders linked a willingness the work on the settlement in Syria with Russia’s use of its influence on Damascus.

«If Russia is ready to use their influence in a positive way, then we are ready to work with her on resolving the conflict in Syria, promoting political statement. We are ready to contribute to the recovery (ies), when it achieved sustainable and credible political transition», — the document says.
Other issues

The results of the summit in Sicily: the G7 countries are ready to strengthen sanctions against Russia© AP Photo / Gregorio Vohden will take action on climate agreement next nadelstern «Big seven» urged the DPRK to comply with UNSC resolutions and to cease its nuclear program, said in the summit’s final Declaration. In addition, they expressed their willingness to cooperate to fight cyber attacks and reduce their impact on the infrastructure

However, the summit failed to reach unanimity on the revision of the Paris agreement on climate change, as consensus has not joined the United States. The President of the United States Donald trump announced that he would take a decision on this issue next week.

Other members of the club, as well as the presidents of the European Council and the European Commission reaffirmed their commitment to soon implement the Paris agreement.

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