Trax, Kalos and other models of cars which had to rename

© AP Photo / Frank Franklin Freistellen Mazda MX-5 RF auto show in new York. Archival photoTrax, Kalos and other models of cars which had to rename© AP Photo / Frank Franklin II

Diesel-electric icebreaker, indecent words, occupied niches and country problems — all the reasons why the manufacturers have changed the global name of some models and even entire brands. RIA Novosti recalls occasions when cars in Russia, like the Orthodox in baptism have received new names.


The most recent example Lifan Murman, whose sales started in Russia this week. At home, in China, the sedan received a simple numerical symbol 820. Similarly, in China referred to as the other automobile model of brand — hatchback 320, 520 compact sedan, mid-size cityradio 620 and so on. The higher the first number, the more luxurious and expensive model, which is logical. But in our country, all these machines have their own names: 320 was Smily, 620 turned into Solano, and the new 820 was «Murman».

Its name Lifan Murman must 21900М project icebreaker «Murmansk», entered the service in the North-West basin branch of «Rosmorport». The official message reads: «Murman is the first for the company car of the premium segment, and it «paves» the way in Executive class.» The Association with marine vessels can also be seen on the logo of Chinese brand: three letters L look like three sailing yachts.


If you type in Google the English phrase Renault Kaptur, the search engine will write: «Showing results for Renault Captur», that is «showing results for Renault Captur». So at birth, was named the new French crossover. After some time in Russia also, a new model, in which the first letter was replaced with «K» — Kaptur.

In this case we see not a simple name change, and almost a completely new car, which is just similar to the European one, but there is one thing. Six months later, after the Renault Kaptur exactly the same crossover debuted in Brazil. For Latin America, the company chose the Russian version of the model, but her name was again changed to the European — Captur. And then I remember another version of the replacement «C» with «K», which becomes obvious if to read every Latin letter of a word captur in Russian…


In Renault do not like ambiguity, and still believe in the power of the French brand. How else can one explain the fact that all Romanian car brand Dacia has been renamed in Russia at Renault? What we have known as Logan, Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Duster, Western Europe has always bought under the brand name «Cottage». It is obvious that the cars with the same name in our country are unlikely to be able to be treated without irony.

Russia has another reason for pride: the AVTOVAZ Renault-Nissan Alliance could revive the long-forgotten Japanese brand Datsun. Both brands owe their existence to the Lada Granta, which was taken as a basis to create on-DO sedan and hatchback mi-DO. The design of «Japanese» has been modified, the appearance changed, but all the same suspension, engines and many other sites for these machines is identical. Datsun was revived not only for us, but in India, however, there is a basis for the model was taken pyatidverka Nissan Micra.


Sometimes to change the name of a car model does not need to issue separate press releases to explain its origin and anything to prove to anyone. Even before the mass Exodus of Chevrolet models from the Russian market in General Motors slept and saw their new compact crossover conquers the vast expanses of our country. It planned to sell under two brands: Opel Mokka even managed to get into the showrooms, but Chevrolet Trax and failed.

© Photo : ChevroletКонцепт Chevrolet TraxTrax, Kalos and other models of cars which had to rename© Photo : ChevroletКонцепт Chevrolet Trax

It is clear that about any Trax in Russia could not be and speeches: the people this machine would get so many nicknames that buyers would avoid it. As a result, the crossover took a new name Tracker, but the Russians were never able to get their hands on any crossover — all budget Chevrolet models, including the crossover «Treker» in Russia disappeared.


One cannot ignore one of the most popular models of Daewoo — Kalos compact sedan. The author of his appearance was a famous Italian automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who was the author of the name, history is silent. What I can say with certainty that this person obviously was not familiar with the Russian language.

© AP Photo / Donald StampfliАвтомобиль Daewoo KalosTrax, Kalos and other models of cars which had to rename© AP Photo / Donald StampfliАвтомобиль Daewoo Kalos

In the end, the Daewoo Kalos was renamed the Chevrolet Aveo, although in this case Russia has nothing to do with it. «Aveo» sold not only here but also in other countries. Names of the model was greater than that of the wizard Gandalf in the book Tolkien: this model was called the Chevrolet Lova, Daewoo Gentra, Holden Barina, Pontiac G3, Ravon Nexia, Suzuki Swift+ ZAZ Vida and even.


To produce a new compact crossover South Korean brand SsangYong has given it the name Korando. In this word encrypted the entire national pride car makers — Korea Can Do, that is «Korea can do». But the Russian marketers somehow the enthusiasm of the Koreans were not inspired, and in our country, the model is called Actyon.

© Photo : SsangYong Motor SsangYong Korando SharepointadminTrax, Kalos and other models of cars which had to rename© Photo : SsangYong Motor SsangYong Korando Sharepointadmin

This decision was doubly strange, because under the name Actyon in Russia just stopped selling large-frame SUVs with the exact same name. So buyers are not confused, the compact crossover had to name New Actyon. By the way, the name Korando was entered in the Guinness Book of records as the oldest of the existing names the Korean brands. First SUV «Kurando», or «Korando», appeared in 1983.


Jeep Liberty in Russia has not implemented, but is still sold in the US under the name Patriot. When the Americans were taken to the Russian market this model, we are faced with the problem — all the «Patriots» and in Latin transcription, and in the Russian was already busy domestic UAZ.

© Photo : FCA US LLC.Jeep PatriotTrax, Kalos and other models of cars which had to rename© Photo : FCA US LLC.Jeep Patriot

The owner of the Ulyanovsk automobile plant was registered rights to the Patriot in Russia, and called by this name SUV model that are sold today. The Americans had nothing left once again to talk about «Freedom».

Niva-Niva-Lada 4×4

The most famous Russian SUV, the founder of the crossover, and just a good budget car, long called the «Field». However, in the 2000s, the years of recovery of the Russian automotive industry, the model has attracted the attention of General Motors. As a result «AVTOVAZ» and GM established a joint venture «GM-AVTOVAZ», which began to produce turned «Niva» under the international name of Chevrolet Niva.

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in the image Bank Trax, Kalos and other models of cars which had to rename© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

According to some, the license to use the trademark Niva is still owned by «GM-AVTOVAZ», but the copyright remains Volzhsky. There are available today those same Soviet «Fields», though thoroughly modernized, but now call them very unattractive — Lada 4×4.