Two of Pushkin, Gogol and Japanese God will come to the parade of dachshunds in St. Petersburg

© RIA Novosti / Valery Customizati in fotomontaggi. Archival photoTwo of Pushkin, Gogol and Japanese God will come to the parade of dachshunds in St. Petersburg© RIA Novosti / Valery Customizati the image Bank

Traditional «Tax Parade» on which dog will come out in the costumes of poets, literary and historical characters, will be held during the city Day celebrations on Saturday, according to the administration of Vasileostrovsky district of St. Petersburg.

The parade will be held in the garden of the Academy of arts on Vasilievsky island.

«Petersburg – the informal capital of the taks. According to statistics the city is home to over 11 thousand dogs of this breed. «Tax Parade» is a family event, which is visited annually by thousands of people. No wonder the show was nominated for the «Best social projects of Russia». This year will be held for the sixth parade, even more grandiose than the anniversary», — said the head of Vasileostrovsky district Yulia Kiselyova, whose words are reported.

At noon more than one hundred dachshunds with their owners will be held a special podium under the well-known musical compositions. This year the theme of the parade is «Academic fee». To assess the costume contest will be a competent jury.

«Organizers in the imagination of participants is not limited. It may be the image of the famous poet, scientist, artist, literary character or historical figure. So, we already know that the podium will be two of Alexander Pushkin and Nikolai Gogol. Also stated the costumes of the Italian theatre of the Renaissance, Japanese gods and of the Emperor of China», — stated in the message.

Also in the program «Tax Parade»: an art master classes, and composing poetry collection, the ensemble «Dancing sausages», «Surepost». The festival will run a childrens Playground. For the first time in the framework of the «Tax Parade» all dogs will leave «autograph» — the track paws on a special canvas. In the future it will be auctioned and all proceeds will go to help those who got into trouble and ended up on the street.