77% of inhabitants of Latvia do not have enough teeth, the study showed

© Fotolia / Rido77% of inhabitants of Latvia do not have enough teeth, the study showed© Fotolia / Rido

Only 23% of Latvia’s residents have all their permanent teeth, according to a study the Center for the prevention and control of diseases to habits that affect the health of the population.

«Approximately 42% of Latvians do not have enough from one to five teeth, 16% six to ten teeth, and 14% more than ten teeth; 4% of the population don’t have their teeth,» the study says.

According to the study, all their teeth are mostly people aged 15 to 24 years. In addition, all the teeth have 25% men and 22% women.

Last year never to the dentist did not go 47% of inhabitants of Latvia, and 24% visited the doctor once, 14% of Latvians have visited the dentist twice, 7% three times, 4% four, 2% five 3% of the population per year visited doctors six times or more.

Most often the dentist’s visit men in the age group 15 to 24 years and women aged 35 to 44 years. In turn, often avoid visiting dentist men aged 55 to 64 years and women from 65 to 74 years.

Also, the Latvians are different habits of cleaning teeth, but the majority of the population (53%) cleans teeth more than once a day. 35% of the population brushes their teeth once a day, and 9% less than once a day. 4% of Latvians do not brush their teeth at all.

The survey involved 3 thousand 596 people.