AFU opened artillery fire on the territory of LPR, said the Republic of

© Photo : Ministry of Defense of UkraineСолдаты APU in the East of Ukraine. Archive photoAFU opened artillery fire on the territory of LPR, said the Republic of© Photo : Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Ukrainian law-enforcers fired from artillery guns the territory of the breakaway Lugansk people’s Republic, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the defense Ministry LNR.

«The day of the Ukrainian security forces 4 times violated the cease-fire, using artillery 152 and 122 mm rocket launchers (LNG AGS) and small arms», — declared in militia.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the shelling of the fixed-side controlled by Ukrainian security forces and Svitlodarsk Luhansk in the area of Kalinovka and Lozovoy. It is also reported grenade attacks in the past day, the areas of settlements Red Yar and Lozovo. Only on the territory of the Republic were fired 199 rounds, including 34 artillery.

«Losses among the civilian population and military personnel aren’t present», — specified in a press-service.

Ukrainian security officials, in turn, recorded 49 attacks on their positions in the Donbass over the past day, wounding eight servicemen.

«Gangs 49 times opened fire on Ukrainian armed forces ‘units, repeatedly using heavy artillery weapons», — the press center of military operations of the Ukrainian security forces in Facebook.

According to security officials, under fire were the strongholds near settlements Pavlopol, Shirokino, Hnutove, Odessa, Avdeevka, zaytsevo and so on. The fire was conducted from mortars, small arms, APCS and heavy machine guns.

As a result of attacks per day were injured eight Ukrainian security forces.