Christian democratic Union is confident ahead of the SPD, the survey showed

© AFP 2017 / dpa/Kay NietfeldКанцлер of Germany Angela Merkel in Berlin. Archival photoChristian democratic Union is confident ahead of the SPD, the survey showed© AFP 2017 / dpa/Kay Nietfeld

The Christian democratic Union (CDU) led by the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to lead in the ranking of German public opinion, Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) loses the vote, according to a survey by the sociological Institute Emnid published on Sunday in the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

The survey was conducted from may 18 to 23, participated 1703 person.

According to the study, the CDU’s support was expressed by 38% of respondents, SPD — 25%. Back in early may in support of the social Democrats was expressed by 27% of survey participants.

For the CDU and the SPD is followed by «Green», «Left», the free Democrats and the «Alternative for Germany» — all opposition party scored 8% of the vote.

In the case of direct elections of the Chancellor 52% of respondents said they would vote for Angela Merkel, only 29% — for the leader of the social Democrats, Martin Schulz. In early February, Schultz was ready to support 46% of respondents, and Merkel — 40%.