In nust «Misa», a festival of scientific humor

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Festival MISIS MISIS Well…also scienceIn nust «Misa», a festival of scientific humor© Photo : courtesy of the press service Misa

MOSCOW, may 27 – RIA Novosti. On may 27, nust «MISIS» hosted the first outdoor festival of scientific humor, «Well… science.» Getting the chance to play in an unfamiliar genre, known popularizers of science have used them off. The audience, in turn, has provided scientists with a rapid response. Not all questions from the audience the speakers there was a reasonable scientific answer. But it does not bother anyone – after all, the reason today was postponed to give room for a sense of humor. A very topical question was put by the employee of nust «MISIS» — Fyodor Senate, immediately accusing mankind depending on smartphones. The man is completely helpless before the desire to touch the smartphone more often and for longer. To touch it is not a quick «tap» of the finger, and unbreakable «swipe» to catch a double effect. Constantly to increase the area of the screen, if not possess a smartphone with two screens. Therefore, insists of the Senate, if you suddenly start the power to select the phone in a dark alley, I sincerely pity their robbers – for they are dependent. The protective film is here to help you not – «not the same». However, the lively academic dialogue with the audience yet identified an effective weapon against the stylus, a gadget for the true elect.© Photo : courtesy of the press service of Musicfestival nust MISIS «Well…too science»In nust «Misa», a festival of scientific humor© Photo : courtesy of the press service of Musicfestival nust MISIS «Well…science is also» Second five headliners of the festival were no less bright. So, science journalist Alexey paevskiy blamed global warming for the deaths of the mammoths. Another scientific journalist Alexei Sokolov, as if in opposition to Paevskiy, gave evidence of the enormous influence of rain on the birth of mankind. And anthropologist Stanislav Drobyshevsky presented a large-scale study «anatomy of Gopnik», after which he publicly confessed to a passionate love for the seeds.

In General, the festival «Well… too science», nust «MISIS» completely convinced the audience that convincing can be any «fake» theory. But, in any case, the path will lead you to the scientist: do you want to understand the essence of things or just to laugh at what is happening.


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