In Odessa announced the unloading of the first batch of coal from South Africa

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Polycomposite in fotobanka in Odessa. Archival photoIn Odessa announced the unloading of the first batch of coal from South Africa© RIA Novosti / Sergey Polycomposite the image Bank

First consignment of imported coal from South Africa for thermal power plants (TPP), the largest private energy holding DTEK businessman Rinat Akhmetov unloaded at the port of Yuzhnyi near Odessa, said the head of the Department for external communications of «DTEK Energo» Irina Miliutin.

«The first vessel with South African coal for thermal power plants, DTEK successfully offloaded at the port of the South,» wrote Miliutin in Sunday’s page on the social network Facebook.

In 2016, the anthracite to Ukraine came from two countries — from Russia and South Africa. In Russia bought 566,7 thousand tons of coal at 45.8 million dollars in South Africa — 366,6 thousand tons to 22.9 million dollars. Due to the ongoing trade blockade of Donbass in the first quarter of 2017 Russia remained the largest supplier of coal to Ukraine.

At the same time Ukraine is planning to replace the anthracite coal from the Donbass coal imports from South Africa. According to energy Minister Igor Nasalik, the majority of Ukrainian power generating enterprises have begun preparations for import of anthracite from South Africa.

Previously Ukrainian radicals have blocked the supply of coal from the Donbass, as a result, Ukraine from February 17 was introduced emergency measures in the energy sector. In particular, it provides for the continuation of measures to reduce the consumption of anthracite coal by thermal power plants and the use, if necessary, schedules of hourly outages and schedules outages and the introduction of special schedules of power units of nuclear power plants.