In Russia celebrate day of the frontier guard

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Border guards day, a professional holiday of the personnel of the Border service of FSB of the Russian Federation and veterans of the border troops, celebrated on the Sunday in Russia.

On this day in 1918 the Council of people’s Commissars of the RSFSR adopted a decree «On the establishment of the border guard». The border guard’s day as a celebratory date was established in 1958 by decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for great contribution of the border guards in the protection of the state border.

In modern Russia the border guards Day may 28 established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 23 may 1994 «in order to revive the historical traditions of Russia and its border forces.»

The protection of state borders – one of key components of national security. Russia has the longest border in the world, with over 61 thousand kilometers, of which 22 thousand kilometers is land part and shares borders with 18 countries. Every day for the protection of the state border out of more than 10 thousand border of outfits, dozens of ships and boats. The main areas of border management includes the protection and security of the state border of the Russian Federation, protection and protection of economic and other legitimate interests of Russia in limits of frontier territory, the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of the Russian Federation.

For the formation of a modern system of protection and protection of the state border by the government of the Russian Federation may 31, 2012 was approved the Federal target program «State border of the Russian Federation (2012-2020)». Today updated Park marine vessels and ships of the border guard bodies, is also the construction of border infrastructure in the Arctic. The measures for reforming the Border service of the FSB helped to increase the effectiveness of state border protection, to provide the necessary level of protection of interests of the Russian Federation, as well as to adequately counter the spectrum of threats around the border space.

Border guards Day in Moscow is traditionally held the laying of flowers and wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin wall and the monument to border Guards of the Fatherland at the Yauza gates. In a festive day, many who served in the border troops across the country put on a uniform, be sure to green the cap. In the capital of the favorite places of celebration and meetings of the representatives and veterans of the border troops are Central Park of culture and rest named after Gorky Park, Sokolniki and VDNKH.