Media: advertising, Burger King insulted the Belgian Royal family

© AP Photo / Claude Range fast food Burger King. Archival photoMedia: advertising, Burger King insulted the Belgian Royal family© AP Photo / Claude Paris

The Royal family of Belgium has criticized the advertising of fast food chain Burger King and found it insulting the dignity of king Philip, reports broadcasting company of Bi-bi-si.

Burger King, which at the end of June to start work in the country, asked the Belgians to choose between king Philip and the «king of burgers» — the symbol of the restaurant chain. In this case, if the user selects the king of Belgium, the system is said twice, I am sure if the client in his choice. «Are you sure? It won’t prepare you want fries with that», — said in the announcement.

«We condemn this outrage. Because it has a commercial purpose, we will not give permission», — quotes bi-Bi-si the statement of the representative of the Royal family of Pierre Emmanuel de Bo.

However, it is noted that the company Burger King has not yet received any notification from the Royal family.