MOE denied the information about the threat of dam failure in the Stavropol region

© Photo : Ministry of emergency situations of Russia across Stavropol cryotronic EMERCOM of Russia during the flooding in the Stavropol regionMOE denied the information about the threat of dam failure in the Stavropol region© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia in the Stavropol territory

The Deputy head of the EMERCOM of Russia Vladlen Aksyonov denied the message of the regional authorities about the threat of dam Otkaznenskogo reservoir in the Soviet district of the Stavropol territory because of the flooding. Feldman heads the operational group of the Ministry of emergency situations on liquidation of consequences of flood in the Stavropol region.

On Saturday evening the press-service of the Governor of edge has informed on evacuation of inhabitants of the Eastern regions of Stavropol before increasing the discharge of water to Otkaznenskoe reservoir, which will lead to flooding. It was noted that the increase of the water discharge necessary to avoid the possibility of breaking of the dam that would cause flooding of the territory with a population of over 40 thousand people. The level of water inflow into the reservoir Otkaznenskogo already more than 6 times higher than average.

«The threat of dam no. However, an additional set of preventive, additional measures to protect the population of the cities located downstream of the river Kuma», — said Aksenov reporters. According to him, also preventively preparing additional channel drain water from reservoir.

The Deputy head of the emergencies Ministry reported that the task force together with experts from other agencies circled Otkaznenskogo reservoir. «Experts gave a positive assessment of the passage of the peak of the flood — water level will not rise, it will fall,» he said. Aksenov said that there is a positive downward trend of the water level. «In some areas the water level stabiliziruemost, the other decreases. Constant monitoring of a hydrological environment. The situation is under control», — said the Deputy head of the emergencies Ministry.

As specifies the Ministry, the last day the water was gone from 230 houses. «In nine municipalities remain flooded 1559 houses is 230 less than the day before», — said the representative of the MOE. For security purposes evacuated more than 2,300 people, including over 1,000 children.