Prime Minister of India spoke about the visit to Russia

© Press-service of the President to Opperate in photobacteria Prime Minister of India Narendra modi. Archival photoPrime Minister of India spoke about the visit to Russia© Press office of the President to Opperate the image Bank

Prime Minister Narendra modi during his visit to St. Petersburg in addition to participating in St. Petersburg international economic forum and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold talks with Russian governors, will visit the Piskarevskoye memorial cemetery, the Hermitage and the Institute of Oriental manuscripts, the statement says, the common office of the government.

On Monday, modi will travel to Germany, then to visit Spain on may 31 and will arrive in Saint Petersburg.

The program of the visit the Prime Minister will begin with a visit to the Piskaryovskoye memorial cemetery, where modi will pay tribute to the memory of victims of blockade of Leningrad. On June 1, scheduled 18th-the Russian-Indian summit at the highest level.

«I’ll spend June 1 substantive talks with President Putin to make a step forward in our dialogue since the last summit in Goa in October 2016. With an emphasis on economic ties, President Putin and I will talk to the leaders of the two countries,» the statement said. He will also visit the Hermitage and the Institute of Oriental manuscripts.

The next day, modi will speak on the cooperation with Putin. Modi expressed his gratitude for the invitation to the forum as guest of honor, Indian Prime Minister for the first time will take part in SPIEF.

Also modi will meet with a number of Russian governors. «I will also be the opportunity to network with governors from various Russian regions to promote extensive bilateral cooperation and more actively to involve the States/regions and other key partners,» wrote the Prime Minister.

«We look forward to a visit to St. Petersburg this special year for the bilateral relations when the two countries celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations,» added modi.