«To be arrogant»: the Russian Laecken won the Diamond League

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in photobacteria Kuchina (Russia). Archival photo«To be arrogant»: the Russian Laecken won the Diamond League© RIA Novosti / Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

World champion in the high jump Maria Laecken (Kuchina) performed brilliantly in his first international start with the moment when Russian athletes were suspended from participation in tournaments under the auspices of the IAAF.

She has won the stage of the Diamond League American Eugene, setting a personal record at open stadiums — 2 meters 3 centimeters. Performed adequately and the second participated in the tournament, the Russian long jumper. Darya Klishina: it is a very serious company was fourth with a score of 6.70.

The tournament Director is almost justified

Prelaunch press conference the stage of the Diamond League in Eugene began with the words of tournament Director Tom Jordan that was similar to the apology, although formally, of course, they were not. His statement dealt with the situation with the Russian world champion in the women’s 110 meters hurdles Sergey Shubenkov, who was unable to obtain in time visa, and American withdrew from the competition. Jordan noted that Shubenkov this year no one fell out of favor with the immigration authorities of the United States visa also got about a dozen athletes, mostly from Ethiopia.

«This has never happened in all of my work on this post, confessed Jordan in conversation with the correspondent «R-Sports». Invitation Shubenkova we sent in time. Why his visa was detained and Mary Laecken (Kuchina) drawn up in time, I don’t know.»

Thus, the Russian representatives on the stage of the Diamond League in Eugene is survived by two. In addition Laecken, it was Darya Klishina, received permission to compete under a neutral flag in the last year. For both this start was the first in the summer season. Moreover, as reported by the Agency «R-Sport» coach of Kishineu Loren Seagrave, his pupil also touched upon the visa issue. She had to start two weeks ago in competition at the island of St. Maarten, but in order to fly there, she needed a British visa. Her Klishina and are unable to obtain in time, so summer debut had to move to Eugene.

«Team spirit invigorates»

Competition in the women’s long jump on one of the most iconic stadiums of the world — Hayward Field — was made on Friday night. Despite the informal status of Eugene as the capital of American athletics, look at Klushino and company came not so many spectators — about six thousand. And this despite the fact that the company at Kishineu was serious — the Olympic champion in Rio 2016 American Tianna Bartoletta and the winner of the 2012 Olympics in London, another high jumper from the United States Brittney Reese. On the same evening were complemetarity, which were also presented very serious composition — among the participants, in particular, were two-time Olympic champion Barbora Spotakova from the Czech Republic.

Klishina in the very first attempt made a very far leap, but to place yourself as an asset are unable because of the spade. But the second attempt she has gone 6.68 and among three predictable second only to Reese and Bartoletti. Alas, soon with a jump of 6.78 bypassed the Briton Lorraine Eugen. Klishina has managed to improve its score by two centimeters and with the final 6 meters and 70 centimeters was fourth.

However, upset the Russian in conversation with the correspondent of Agency «R-Sport» look. «The first start is always difficult, — admitted Klishina. — Have not jumped, and the wind here «walked». Had to do a lot of adjustments with a run — moving it back and forth. But, in principle, for the first start and the result is good. I know that could jump on. Ready better. But the truth was hard, and it seemed that on six attempts. The same winter I was feeling. On the second start will be easier.»

That was the coach of Kishineu. «At the first start of the season usually takes some «adjustment», adjustment of the run and other such things. Klishina are unable to do all this two weeks ago in St. Maarten, so they had to do in Eugene. Moved run more than two meters, and in the end two very good recent attempts she had microsistemi. But the rest of the jumps were decent,» said Seagrave.

Well, the fact that the competition in Eugene played another Russian Maria Laecken, Klishina, according to her, was very happy. «Someone from the present, and immediately feel the team spirit. It’s invigorating,» said she.

Rather than «here’s everything» and we showed that we can

«To be arrogant»: the Russian Laecken won the Diamond League© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in photobanks goes according to plan: the presidential Council supported the anti-doping initiatives contrast to Friday, Saturday in the stands of Hayward Field was Packed — according to the press service, the stadium came more than 12 thousand spectators. Among them were Klishina, who fell at the fence near the sector for the high jump in order to cheer for teammate, which is officially on the international athletics tournaments yet.

As on the eve before the start of the women’s long jump, the announcer in the stadium, announcing visotnic, carefully paused in front of the name Laecken to inadvertently blurt, her. The situation is reminiscent of a bad joke, and its absurdity even before the start unknowingly said the Director of the tournament that before you tell us about the visa problems Shubenkov, gently said: «I can say that he is from Russia?»

«To be arrogant»: the Russian Laecken won the Diamond League© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in fotomasterskaya athletes became the winners of the championship of Russia on jumps in vodusek whatsoever, the Russian world champion, not paying attention to the exercise of the speaker, nor the white square in front of her name on the scoreboard, with the first attempts started jumping very confidently. While most of her rivals took height strained, Laecken flew over the bar stock as if on invisible wings — whether you miss the atmosphere of international tournaments, of which she was not almost two years, or just well prepared.

The first misfire of the Russians was only at a height of 1 m 98 cm, but at this point it only has three rivals. And at the second attempt Laecken this height, that the Spaniard Ruth Beitia, Camille, Licwinko from Poland and Vashti Cunningham from the United States to do so failed. Already in the rank of the winner of the competition Maria had set the bar at a height of 2.03 and on the third attempt overcame it, although the first two were not even close to it. That was a personal record Laecken in open stadiums and at the same time the Hayward Field record, which previously belonged to the other Russian Anna Chicherova

«To be blatant, I expected such a result. I felt great, knew that today can jump high, said Laecken to the correspondent «R-Sports», commenting on his first international start in a neutral status. — All the preparation went well, smoothly. Winter season went well. In psychological terms, I managed to distract, to forget, to stop being resentful and start very cheerfully with a new sheet. And, of course, with a good anger — without it, no way to jump in with Olympic champion (Batea)».

«To be arrogant»: the Russian Laecken won the Diamond League© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in photobanks in Romania: Russian national team on gymnastics won TH»AND if you be not arrogant — need to shout «Ah-Ah-Ah, Oh-Ah, as it so happened to me!» — laughing, said the Russian woman.

To the question whether she had after such a brilliant victory thoughts of «you all!» Laecken thought, but replied in the negative. «Rather, we have shown that it is not sitting idly by, we were getting ready, not angry, we really want to win. And I have shown today that we still can,» said the world champion.

Speaking about the ban on the word «Russia» at the stadium, Laecken agreed that it was like «stupid game». «Kicked out of family, then rechecked, some decided to return. Our friends at the national team continues to wait. It’s all weird, and we will not rest until all this is resolved. We all want to play for the country where they were born. Of course, we do, but I don’t want next to his name, the white box. Want a legitimate tricolor», — concluded the athlete.