VEB has invested $90 million in the creation of MS-21 aircraft

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Smirnoviella in photobacteria flight of the new Russian passenger plane MS-21VEB has invested $90 million in the creation of MS-21 aircraft© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Smirnoviella the image Bank

The group invested $ 90 million in the creation of the first instance of a Russian passenger aircraft MS-21 and also made an order for 30 new aircraft, the report said the state Corporation.

«Group invested 90 million U.S. dollars in the first instance the Russian narrow-body passenger aircraft MS-21, a portion of these funds as prepayment for future aircraft,» — quoted in the announcement, the Chairman of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gorkov.

The first flight of the new passenger airliner, MS-21-300 was made on Sunday, may 28, was a regular, all the machine system operated without interruption. In accordance with the program, in the course of the flight made simulated landing approach with the subsequent passage of the strip, climb and turn. This technique is typical for the first flight of new types of aircraft, previously reported KLA.

«We are proud to contribute to this project, we congratulate colleagues from the Corporation «Irkut». Our subsidiary company «VEB-leasing» placed an order for 30 machines. For group VEB participation in the project MS-21 means not only the financing of a new aircraft, but also assistance in building an integrated infrastructure, production capacity, sales and after-sales service», — said Gorkov.

The Irkut Corporation generates the family of a passenger short / medium — haul aircraft MS-21. The share of foreign components suppliers to MS-21 does not exceed 40%. The prototype MS-21 equipped with PW1400G engines of the American company Pratt & Whitney. In subsequent models of the aircraft are planning to use an alternative powerplant, the Russian PD — 14 engine. The main part of the onboard equipment for aircraft will produce the concern «Radioelectronic technologies» (KRET). The capacity of the new ships will be from 150 to 211 passengers depending on the aircraft type. The basic version of the aircraft is the MC-21-300 with a capacity of 180-200 seats. 2020, «Irkut» plans to annually produce 20 MS-21, 2023 to 70 cars a year.

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VEB has invested $90 million in the creation of MS-21 aircraft© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotoracconti passenger plane of new generation MS-21