11 Moscow parks in the summer they show movies outdoors

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in photobacteria cinema under the open sky. Archival photo11 Moscow parks in the summer they show movies outdoors© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

An open air cinema show in the summer in 11 parks of Moscow, reported on the official portal of the mayor of the capital on Monday.

A regular venue for film screenings and lectures in the garden named after Bauman. Here on 9 June to launch its first project — the lecture «Cinematica». One of the topics of the lecture will be «Comedians of the silent cinema» — in cycle includes four comedies, created in the 1920-ies, which will show throughout June, every Friday at 20.00. Among the films «the gold rush» Charlie Chaplin, «the Cameraman» with Buster Keaton and «Seven years of bad luck» by max Linder (1921).

Each film will be preceded by a short lecture of the curators of the Moscow film school, where participation in the «Cinematize» free registration on the website of the Moscow film school.

«During the summer the audience will be acquainted with the best pictures of world cinema according to the program prepared by the curators», — quotes the portal of the Director of the Moorpark Vyacheslav Dunayev.

The ultimate summer movie theaters this summer will work in Sokolniki, Gorky Park, the garden of «Hermitage» in the Park «Fili». For example, in Sokolniki and Gorky Park viewers will be able to watch new hire and a movie festival in the Park «Fili» on Thursdays and Sundays will be free to broadcast the documentary, as every Friday and Saturday — short film festival.

The program will complement the discussion of paintings with well-known Directors, actors, musicians and politicians.

Movies in the open air, Muscovites will be able to see in the parks «Krasnaya Presnya», «Kuzminki», perovskite, Babushkinskaya, Izmailovo and Lianozovo. Watch for announcements on the parks ‘ websites.