At Versailles is the meeting of Putin and Macron

© RIA Novosti / Victoria Ivanovich of Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of France Emmanuel Makron in Versailles. 29 may 2017At Versailles is the meeting of Putin and Macron© RIA Novosti / Victoria Ivanova

At Versailles began meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Macron met Putin at the entrance to the Versailles Palace, the two leaders greeted each other and shook hands. The Palace was built a guard of honor, the orchestra performed a short March.

After Putin and macron entered the corner office for negotiations, the President again shook hands for photographers. Then the two leaders and delegations located in the office. The negotiations are held behind closed doors, without the press.

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It is planned that after the meeting, the President will answer the journalists ‘ questions at a press conference. As previously stated in the Kremlin, the main topics of discussion will be bilateral relations and issues of combating terrorism and the Ukrainian settlement.

Also Putin and the Makron will visit the exhibition «Peter I. King of France. 1717». The last head of state will visit the Russian spiritual and cultural center, opened in Paris in October 2016.