Carotid artery «gives» biological age of a person, say scientists

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Scientists from Russia found that the biological age of a person can be determined by the condition of their carotid arteries with high accuracy, and published this technique in an article in the journal Aging.

«The problem of determining the biological age of the person trying to solve for decades. Today the most accurate technique, based on data on the state of the DNA the cells allow to predict age with an average error of less than three years, but require expensive equipment. Our method is based on the information about the patient to any modern hospital», — says Alexey Moskalev from Moscow physical-technical Institute in Dolgoprudny.

In recent years, scientists are actively seeking ways to assess the so-called «biological age» – how old or young look it tissues and organs compared to their typical device in people in his age category. Discrepancies between calendar and biological age, according to biologists and physicians, will help doctors to determine whether you need to pay special attention to the health of their patients and help them to live as long as possible.

Scientists from MIPT, the Center for gerontology and the Institute found a new way to assess this age group, which does not require genetic analysis, analyzing how changes in the cardiovascular system in healthy people, diabetics and hypertension as they age.

For these comparisons, scientists have developed a special artificial intelligence system which helped them to find the differences in how the circulatory system changes as the aging of the body of its owner, including the thickness of the vessel walls, the width of the various arteries, the number of plaques of cholesterol and other violations in their work.

This analysis showed that the condition of only one large vessel – carotid artery – can be used to predict biological age with an accuracy of 6-7 years old for women and men. Such estimates are considerably less accurate than the results of genetic tests, however, as the researchers note, should be sufficient to detect serious health problems.

For example, biologists have discovered, by analyzing the data obtained in the survey of three hundred patients with the help of an ultrasound machine in the Centre of gerontology that diabetes and hypertension increase the average age of a person at 3 and 3.5 years.

«As the source of information is only the cardiovascular system, clarification of biological age requires further studies, taking into account other factors. However, recent studies have shown that the connection between the vessels with biological age was even higher than the relationship with the chemical composition of blood», — concludes Olga Tkachev, Director of the Russian gerontological scientific clinical center.