CAS upheld the suspension of six Russian skiers

© AFP 2017 / Fabrice CoffriniШтаб-house of the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne. Archival photoCAS upheld the suspension of six Russian skiers© 2017 AFP / Fabrice Coffrini

Court of arbitration for sport (CAS) upheld the suspension of skiers Alexandra passenger cars, Evgenia Belova, Alexey Petukhov, Maxim Vylegzhanin, Evgenia Shapovalova and Julia Ivanova until 31 October 2017, according to a press release CAS.

The international ski Federation (FIS) on 23 December, on the basis of the report of Richard McLaren suspended the participants of the Olympic games in Sochi passenger cars, Belova, Petukhova, Vylegzhanin, Shapovalov and Ivanov from the competition. Athletes challenged this decision at the CAS. February 21, CAS rejected the request of five of them (except Ivanova, who filed an appeal late) a temporary suspension of removal in order to participate in the world championship on ski sports, which was held in late February-early March in the Finnish Lahti.

«CAS Commission responsible for the matter, decided to maintain the provisional temporary restrictions imposed on athletes until 31 October 2017. In the absence of violation of any anti-doping rules by athletes, a suspension will be terminated, and they will again be allowed to participate in competitions,» — said in a press release.