Crush at the stadium in Honduras claimed the lives of four people

© AFP 2017 / ORLANDO SIERRAПолиция in Honduras. Archival photoCrush at the stadium in Honduras claimed the lives of four people© 2017 AFP / ORLANDO SIERRA

The number of victims of a stampede at a crowded stadium in Honduras before the start of a football match increased to four people, another 15 were injured, reports Agence France Presse with reference to physicians.

Previously reported two dead and 17 injured.

The incident occurred before the final match of the season between the teams, «Motagua and Honduras Progreso».

Hundreds of fans hoping to watch the match, tickets for which were sold out, tried to break into the stadium in Tegucigalpa, calculated on 35 thousand spectators, a spokesman for the local hospital Miguel Osorio.

Police fired tear gas and used crowd against the water cannons, he said. Following this, the crowd began to run away, stamped out to the death of several people. Osorio noted that two died at the scene, two more died in hospital.

Earlier, police spokesman Lieutenant Luis Barahona, responsible for security at the stadium in the capital, Tegucigalpa, has described the incident as «an avalanche in the stands.» Speaking about the reasons for the stampede, he said that the stadium was sold too many tickets, therefore the final match of the season came to see more people than the stadium could accommodate.