In case of fire in the Tyumen region killed a man and three children

© Fotolia / FarmerПожарные machine. Archival photoIn case of fire in the Tyumen region killed a man and three children© Fotolia / Farmer

The victims of the fire in the Tyumen region became a man and three small children, said Monday regional Department of the Ministry of emergency situations.

According to the Department, the tragedy occurred in the night of Monday in Moscow, where the square is 64 square meters flashed a private house. In the fighting was attended by 23 firefighters, 11 special vehicles.

«During the exploration and extinguish the fire were rescued and handed over to doctors ambulance woman. Victims of the fire were the head of the family born in 1984 and three boys, one 2014 the year of birth and two 2016 year of birth», — says the Ministry.

According to GU Ministry of emergency situations, investigators and specialists of the regional testing fire laboratory discusses different versions of the causes of the emergency, but the main two are: careless handling of fire while Smoking and emergency operation of electrical equipment.