In Finland want to ban the financing of mosques from abroad

© 2017 AFP / Lehtikuva/ Jussi NukariБеженцы at the railway station of Kemi, FinlandIn Finland want to ban the financing of mosques from abroad© AFP 2017 / Lehtikuva/ Jussi Nukari

Finland’s Minister for European Affairs Sampo cosy cottage-style suggested to consider complete prohibition of the financing of mosques from abroad, in order to strictly prevent the radicalization of the Finns, according to the Finnish edition Yle.

Earlier a similar proposal was made in France. Such a ban is already in force in Austria caused a fierce debate the bill adopted there in 2015.

The policy proposal was made on the background to the debate around the construction of the mosque in Helsinki. A number of politicians called for him to stop, because the mosque, in their opinion. Can become a hotbed of extremism. The mosque is being built on the money of Saudi Arabia.

«The radicalization of the Muslim population must be prevented also in Finland, and to this end you need to find out whether the Austrian model to introduce into our legislation» — called cosy cottage-style.

According to him, many examples across Europe show the importance of the integration of Muslim immigrants. If this is not done they are, as the Minister said, will be radicalized.

«Finnish politicians need to take tough measures to protect the security, the Finnish cultural heritage and prosperity,» he called.

At the end of may in the UK published the results of a survey according to which more than half of the citizens see the ethnic minorities a threat to national security. The survey was conducted before the attack in Manchester on may 22. Victims of suicide became 22 people, including 12 children, 64 people remain in the hospital. In addition, several people are still missing.