Krasnoyarsk scientists have implemented a new system for the diagnosis of disorders of smell

© Fotolia / Iakov FilimonovОбоняние. Archival photoKrasnoyarsk scientists have implemented a new system for the diagnosis of disorders of smell© Fotolia / Iakov Filimonov

Krasnoyarsk scientists have implemented a test-system for diagnostics of patients with impaired sense of smell, reports the press service of the government of Krasnoyarsk region.

It is noted that the methodology is a German technology adapted to the climatic conditions of Siberian regions. Also, the team expanded the list of fragrances for training the olfactory analyzer.

Krasnoyarsk Krai is the only region of Russia where the technique is implemented in medical practice. Scientists plan test to improve diagnosis, reducing the time to conduct research and to replicate the technology for implementation in medical institutions of other regions of the country.

«Scientists of the Krasnoyarsk state medical University (Krasnoyarsk state medical University) introduced in medical practice of a unique test system diagnostics sense of smell to detect disturbances in the perception of odors in humans. System application allows you to establish the causes of disorders of smell, as well as to appoint the necessary examination and treatment of the patient», — stated in the message.

Scientists say that the deprivation sensitivity to odors leads to loss of appetite, deterioration in orientation. In addition, it is one of the signs of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.