Media: Georgian Patriarchate is waiting for a massive cleaning due to the «case of the cyanide»

© SputnikПерейти in photobacteria-Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II at the celebration of the independence Day of Georgia in TbilisiMedia: Georgian Patriarchate is waiting for a massive cleaning due to the «case of the cyanide»© SputnikПерейти the image Bank

Lawyer of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Edisher Karchava said about the beginning of lustration of persons who want to abolish the Patriarchate in the country, informs an information portal Georgia Online.

The announcement came amid a scandal involving a «case of the cyanide» — the attempted assassination of Georgian Patriarch Ilia II. Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II left for Germany on 2 February and on the 13th he had surgery in Berlin in connection with the inflammation of the gallbladder. On the same day the chief Prosecutor’s office of Georgia announced that on February 10 at the Tbilisi airport was detained head of service on management of property of the Patriarchate, and Director of the medical center saints Joachim and Anne deacon George Mamaladze accused of plotting the murder of the high priest of the hierarchy. The accused found the toxic substance cyanide. Currently under investigation. Of all institutions in the country, as claimed by local policy, the most-trusted companies uses the Georgian Church and personally the Patriarch.

«Begin the lustration of those people, both spiritual and secular individuals are «antipatriarchal». Will start the lustration of these people and everyone will be given his name, including persons who demand to abolish the reign of Patriarch in the Church and want the Synodal Department. I will call by name those people and present the facts of what they seek, and for that reason are fighting supporters of the so-called cases of cyanide,» said Karchava.

The lawyer said that is not going to name specific names. At the same time he promised to lead the evidence of guilt of these people.