Media: the government may change the rules of subsidies for exporters of machinery

© RIA Novosti / Igor Alienability in fotobanka car Lada Kalina at factory OAO AVTOVAZ in Togliatti. Archival photoMedia: the government may change the rules of subsidies for exporters of machinery© RIA Novosti / Igor Ajankohtaista the image Bank

The government of the Russian Federation may make changes to the rules for the provision of transport subsidies to exporters of cars, wrote on Monday the newspaper «Kommersant», citing a source in one of the auto companies and market participants.

Resolution of the government of N496, 26 APR introduces three levels of benefits depending on the origin and conditions of production. So, the state reimburses 80% of the cost of transport, if the company has confirmation of the production of products or special investment contract (SPIC). If a company has a certificate of origin for the game (from 1 January 2018), kompensiruet 60% of the costs, and 20% if it participates in the agreements on industrial Assembly in Russia, the newspaper reminds.

In 2016 the participants of the Assembly could be entitled to compensation 80% of the costs. In the budget for 2017 and 2018-2019 under export subsidies laid down 11.8 billion rubles.

According to a source publication, decree N496 left without sufficient consultation with the relevant departments, and in may the government began to work on a new version. Now offered only two kinds of benefits 60% and 80%. Costs in the amount of 80% will be compensated to owners of the Speke, as well as specific models with localization above 50% which corporations must obtain a certificate of origin for a batch (ST-1), the newspaper notes.

The newspaper’s source stresses that this conditions for the automotive industry, for other industries are available. Costs in the amount of 60% to compensate the owners of industrial Assembly, which meets the conditions of the resolution N719 (enters the list of technological operations that entitle the products to be considered Russian). According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, the last condition allows to prevent the receipt of subsidies, for example, Chinese automakers with the SKD Assembly.

The Ministry of industry and trade publication said that the main objective of the changes is «the elimination of the possibility of speculation on the receipt of subsidies by specifying the coefficients and the formulation of clear requirements for companies» (primarily by the level of localization). In addition, the extended period and the subsidy period: you can now apply for subsidy for the year 2016 not only this year but in the future. The Ministry of economic development told the publication that the new version of the resolution of the government prepares the Ministry of industry and trade, noting that the agreed document.