On Sakhalin close the last mine

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Latest on Sakhalin mine «Tarnowska», located in Uglegorsky district, will close in the coming months, according to the press service of the Governor of the Sakhalin region.

«Today «Sakhalinugol-6» operating «Adanowsky», is in a difficult economic situation. As acknowledged by the owners of the company, the closure of unprofitable and dangerous mines, which employ more than 400 people – it is the next months», — stated in the message.

According to the press service, the coal reserves that are economically beneficial, during the operation of the mine from 1924 almost exhausted. In 2014-2015, the regional government allocated to the company in the form of subsidies of about 870 million rubles. These funds allowed the company to survive two years. Today, the amount of the loss is about 700 million rubles. In addition, coal production in the mine today is extremely dangerous.

«The lava is now so dangerous that we actually people to death send. I worked 36 years in the coal industry, have not seen. Very difficult geological conditions. Roof falls. The situation is unpredictable. As in war, we can say, bullets whizzing by my head. Plus worn-out equipment, no spare parts», — quotes the press service quoted the chief of a site №2 Fedor Scored.

In connection with the mine closure manual operator, together with the government work on future employment «Darnovsky». They are offered to take short-term retraining in Sakhalin mountain College for the truck drivers, rock haulers, miners and other professions in demand.

Many of the employees of the mine «Darnovsky» unable to work at the enterprises of «East mining company» — the largest regional enterprise of coal industry operating solntsevsky coal mine.

«We are ready to take on the job without additional training 108 employees, from machinists pumping installations to the excavator. The average wage of the last accrual – 92 thousand rubles per month. The dump-truck drivers – 99 thousand. The drivers of trucks and graders – about 56 thousand. Minimum wage excavator drivers «BelAZ» — it is 40 thousand rubles. The money they receive during periods of repair of equipment», — quotes the press-service of the word technical Director solntsevsky coal mines Stanislaw Wegner.

The Sakhalin region Governor Oleg Kozhemyako noted that during re-training, as well as during internships at the new location all former employees «Darnovsky» will receive a monthly surcharge from the regional budget in the amount of 15 thousand rubles.


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