Prime Minister of India start European tour with a visit to St. Petersburg

© Press-service of the President to Opperate in photobacteria Prime Minister of India Narendra modi. Archival photoPrime Minister of India start European tour with a visit to St. Petersburg© Press office of the President to Opperate the image Bank

Prime Minister Narendra modi will leave on Monday on a six-day tour of Europe, half of which will hold in St.-Petersburg where will take part in the 18-m Russian-Indian summit in St. Petersburg international economic forum.

The program of the visit will start with a visit to Germany, where modi goes at the invitation of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The two leaders will hold talks on German government Villa «Meseberg» in Brandenburg on «regional and global importance», said in Sunday’s statement, modi.

German quality for transforming India

On Tuesday, may 30, modi and Merkel will preside over the four intergovernmental consultations, and will discuss the current state of bilateral relations.

«We will also develop a scheme for the future roadmap of cooperation with a focus on trade and investment, security and counter-terrorism, innovation, science and technology, training of workers, development of urban infrastructure, Railways, civil aviation, green energy, cooperation in economic development, healthcare and alternative medicine,» said modi.

In addition, modi will hold separate meeting with President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and along with Merkel will meet with the business community of the two countries.

«India and Germany are the largest democracies and leading economies and important players in regional and world Affairs. Our strategic partnership based on democratic values, commitment to open, inclusive, rules-based world order. Germany is a valuable partner in our development initiatives, and the German competence fit well into my vision of transforming India,» said Indian Prime Minister, expressing confidence that the visit will open a new Chapter in the cooperation between the two countries.

In the footsteps of Rajiv Gandhi

From Germany modi will travel to Spain — this will be the first visit of the Indian Prime Minister to this country nearly 30 years. The last time Spain was visited in 1988, Rajiv Gandhi.

In Spain modi will be may 30-31, and will meet with king Felipe VI and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. The Indian Premier said he plans to discuss with the Spanish counterpart ways to boost bilateral cooperation, «especially in the economic sphere», and cooperation on international issues, in particular in the fight against terrorism.

«There is significant potential for deepening bilateral trade and investment ties. We expect active participation of Spanish industry in projects involving infrastructure (government program), smart cities, digital economy, renewable energy, defense and tourism,» said modi.

For this purpose he will hold a meeting with heads of Spanish companies and encourage them to participate in the program of his government’s «Make in India».

The guest of honor in St. Petersburg

From Spain, modi will travel to St. Petersburg, where they will spend three days and attend the St. Petersburg international economic forum and the 18th bilateral summit Russia-India at the highest level.

Modi will arrive in the «Northern capital» of Russia on 31 may. The program of the visit the Prime Minister will begin with a visit to the Piskaryovskoye memorial cemetery, where modi will pay tribute to the memory of victims of blockade of Leningrad. He will also visit the Hermitage and the Institute of Oriental manuscripts. On June 1, is scheduled to hold a bilateral summit.

«I’ll spend June 1 substantive talks with President (Vladimir) Putin to make a step forward in our dialogue since the last summit in Goa in October 2016. With an emphasis on economic ties, President Putin and I will talk to the leaders of the two countries,» said Indian Prime Minister.

The next day, modi will speak at SPIEF together with the Russian President. The Indian Prime Minister for the first time will take part in SPIEF.

In addition, modi will meet with a number of Russian governors. «I will also be the opportunity to network with governors from various Russian regions to promote extensive bilateral cooperation and more actively to involve the States/regions and other key partners,» he said.

«We look forward to a visit to St. Petersburg this special year for the bilateral relations when the two countries celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations,» added modi.

Familiarity with Macron

Finally, I will conclude a six-day tour trip to France, where modi will be June 2-3. During the visit, modi will hold his first meeting with newly elected President of France Emmanuel Macron, which is scheduled for June 3.

«I will exchange with the French President’s views on important global issues, including reform of the UN Security Council and Indian permanent membership in the UN security Council, India’s membership in various multilateral export control regimes, the fight against terrorism, cooperation in the fight against climate change and the international Alliance on solar energy,» said modi.

The Indian Premier noted that France occupies the 9th place for investment in India and is a key partner in the field of defense, space exploration, nuclear power, renewable energy, urban development and railway construction.

«I am committed to significantly strengthen and advance our multifaceted partnership with France,» said modi.