Public Council under the Federal forestry Agency has complained to the Ministry in the government

© Photo : Federal Agency of forest hoteistitania Federal forestry Agency. Archive photoPublic Council under the Federal forestry Agency has complained to the Ministry in the government© Photo : Federal Agency for forestry

The public Council of the Federal forestry Agency appealed to the Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov a complaint against the forest Department, which alone has changed the composition of the Board, said in a letter to Council members at the disposal of RIA Novosti. In a press-service of the Federal forestry Agency said that they know about the treatment of the public and the prepared statement.

«The public Council expresses concern at the violation of the FFA established procedures and rules of formation of public councils. Independent, on the basis of its decision, the formation of FFA new composition of the public Council contrary to the public policy of enhancing the transparency of work of bodies of authority and government in General,» the letter reads.

With 13 signatories, Council members, headed by its Chairman, Director of conservation policy, world wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Yevgeny Shvarts insist on disciplinary measures and removal of this case on open public discussion of the government Commission on the activities of the Open government, which oversees Abyzov.

«In 2015, under the auspices of open government is restarting the public councils at ministries and agencies. Under the new rules, the public councils are formed on the basis of competitive procedures: 75% of candidates from the Public chamber and 25% of the expert Council under the RF government. The presidential decree does not provide for the formation of the Council Executive authority» – reminiscent of the signatory.

In addition, the authors of the letter indicate that the new composition of the Council includes senior officials subordinate to the Federal forestry Agency of organizations and information service Roslesozashchita, including the appointed head of the forestry Department, which is also contrary to the standard of activities of public councils.

«Please take measures to eliminate admitted by the FFA violations and to ensure the formation of the new composition of the public Council in full compliance with the requirements of the current regulatory framework, including participation in the process of Open government and the Public chamber,» – said in the letter.