Russian scientists have developed a drug that increases the nutritional value of milk

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Organisati in photobackgrounds dairy products. Archival photoRussian scientists have developed a drug that increases the nutritional value of milk© RIA Novosti / Anton to Organisate the image Bank

The scientific staff of the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian University have created an innovative product based on unique micro-organisms, designed to enhance the nutritional value of milk of cattle, reported in the regional government.

According to the authorities, a new microbial strain «Bacillus subtilis», created by Krasnoyarsk scientists, was in the all-Russian collection of industrial microorganisms. The report notes that the development «allows you to get the best quality milk with a high content of fat and protein».

«The researchers note that dried culture of these microorganisms is used to produce the drug, enzymes which effectively carry out the decomposition of starch. The inclusion of this additive in the diet promotes the accelerated growth of masses of calves and milk production from dairy cows», — stated in the message.

The development was successfully tested on the basis of the agricultural production cooperative. «According to the results, with the introduction in the diet of animals developed product average daily gain of calves was increased to 70 grams, which is 21% higher than with conventional diets,» — noted in the government.

According to the head of project the head of Department of anatomy, pathology and surgery of Krasnoyarsk state agrarian University Natalia Doncovoi, the technology has a low cost and low cost in production.

Developed drugs will soon be tested in the Rybinsk district of the region on the basis of one of the dairy farms. After receiving the results of final testing is planned to replicate the technology for the production of drugs or agricultural complexes across Russia.