Spain praised the economic cooperation with Russia

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Russia was and will remain a strategic market for Spain, said on Monday the President of the chamber of Commerce of the Kingdom Hoose Luis Boneta.

«Russia was and will remain a strategic market for Spain,» said Boneta in his welcoming speech at the opening of the Russian-Spanish business forum.

In light of this, he stressed, the work of the joint Russian-Spanish business Council should be an important tool for the development of not only large but also small and medium-sized businesses.

«Thus, we will be better able to use opportunities for open dialogue (development — ed.), cooperation in economy and trade, added Boneta. We (chamber of Commerce Spain — ed.) will continue to be a useful tool for strengthening mutual cooperation between the two countries in order to better exploit the potential of our economic activities.»

In turn, Vice-President of the Confederation of entrepreneurial organizations of Spain, Joaquin gay de Montella noted that Spanish companies it is important to understand what measures the authorities of the Russian Federation for the development of trade and other bilateral relations between the two countries.

«We, in turn, undertaken measures aimed at simplifying customs procedures, reducing existing barriers to trade. For example, simplifying the procedure of verification and monitoring by Spanish customs… these are All important incentives to increase the presence of Spanish business in the Russian market,» said Montella.

He also added that Russia is an attractive market for Spain not only because of its geographical features, but also due to the fact that «our economies complement each other.»

For his part, the Minister of energy, tourism and digital technologies Spain Alvaro Nadal stated that Madrid are not completely satisfied with the level of bilateral trade relations as they, in his words, hide a lot of yet unrealized potential. «For more than 25 years of business contacts between Russia and Spain is a very important tool for our economic and trade relations. Because of this, they can develop successfully,» — said the head of Department.

According to him, today there are a number of projects in different sectors that can serve as an example of fruitful cooperation between the two countries.