Sputnik was supported by the international expedition «Gogland»

© SputnikSputnik supported the international expedition of HoglandSputnik was supported by the international expedition «Gogland»© Sputnik

. Employees of the news Agency and radio Sputnik for the first time will become members of the «Complex expedition «Gogland», which starts June 1 in Kronstadt (Leningrad region). The mission of this event, organized by the Russian geographical society for the fifth consecutive year, is to attract public attention to environmental issues and increase environmental literacy. This year the Russian-Chinese group of volunteers will clear the Outer Islands of the Gulf of Finland. Edition Sputnik China will provide full-scale information support of the expedition, and the Agency will take an active part in international environmental watch along with other volunteers.

: «The portal Sputnik China will set up a special section that will comprehensively cover the events taking place in the framework of the expedition».

International initiative PRO, launched in 2013, aimed at implementing large-scale research in the field of geography, Geology, biology and historical and cultural heritage of the region. In 2017, the expedition of the project «Gogland», which will include ecologists from Russia and 11 volunteers from China, go to the island of Sommers.

Volunteers from the Chinese side are scientists leading research centres in China dealing with the problems of ecology and preservation of the environment. 1 to June 15 members of the international expedition will be engaged in liquidation of consequences of anthropogenic impact on natural systems of the island, will exchange experience of liquidation of environmental damage, as well as conduct a number of scientific experiments.

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