The Patriarch compared the laws about gay marriage laws of Nazi Germany

© Fotolia / Lisa F. WaipapakauriThe Patriarch compared the laws about gay marriage laws of Nazi Germany© Fotolia / Lisa F. Young

Taken in some Western countries laws to permit gay marriage completely break with the moral nature of man and evoke the same resentment of the people, as in his time, and the laws of Nazi Germany, said the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, held on 27-29 may with the visit to Kyrgyzstan, on Monday visited the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (KRSU), where was held the presentation of his book «Freedom and responsibility: in search of harmony», published in the Kyrgyz language.

«The theme of the limitations of human freedom morality is very relevant today. You know, unfortunately, in some countries in the West for the first time, maybe for all time — began to take the laws that break the moral nature of man, with a conscience. The laws on so-called homosexual marriages,» said the Patriarch.

He noted that «the people rose up against» these laws «for the same reason, which rebelled against the fascist laws, and anti-apartheid laws — the laws to break up with morality.»

«When the law breaks the link with morality, it ceases to be law acceptable to the people, it calls the protests. The vast demonstrations in France believers were dispersed by the police, and because they were only against the fact that four or five people in the Senate decided the fate of these terrible laws and the country was forced to live under the new laws, and to forget what mom and dad say «parent number one, parent number two,» said the Primate.

This, he added, is the result of «the emphasis on freedom, with complete disregard for moral responsibility.» According to the Patriarch, really free people «should never break the freedom and moral responsibility,» both in personal and in family, social and public life.

«I am deeply convinced that the temptation, if you will, a historical temptation, which has led some countries to take these just out of the ordinary laws, — that all this should pass, because otherwise human society and break the link between freedom and moral responsibility, between law and moral beginning, will become unsustainable», he concluded.

A law allowing same-sex couples to marry and adopt children, in may 2013, was signed by the then President of France Francois Hollande and published in the official Gazette of the country. France became the ninth European country to permit same-sex marriages. The discussion of the law legalizing marriages between people of the same sex and allowing such couples to adopt children, was met in France, mass protests. The police and the organizers on the number of participants of these protests varied. In particular, law enforcement authorities reported that in one of the largest demonstrations — may 26, 2013 — was attended by 150 thousand people, according to organizers — more than a million people.