The Prosecutor in the case Sharina gave a speech about the dangers of nationalism

© Fotolia / Bagdasar court. Archival photoThe Prosecutor in the case Sharina gave a speech about the dangers of nationalism© Fotolia / Corgarashu

The Prosecutor in petty-bourgeois court of Moscow debate of the parties on business of former head of the library of Ukrainian literature Natalia Sharina, accused of extremism and waste of the money, noted the public danger of the committed crime by reading a speech about the threat of Ukrainian nationalism, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

«In the library the books were kept under the ban of the judiciary. Ukrainian nationalism, which went hand in hand with Nazi Germany, the last three years rears its head. Leaders who seized power in the neighboring country, calling for the seizure of Russian regions, which kill the Russian people, ban Russian language, traditions and holidays», — said the Prosecutor in the debate of the parties on Monday.

According to her, Ukrainian nationalism involves the juxtaposition of the Ukrainian and Russian ethnic groups. Books anti-Russian and anti-Russian, said the Prosecutor, was kept in spetshranilischah, but witnesses testified that they were given to readers. «But how the book can be issued if it is banned? If Sharina time spent inventory, events would have developed very differently,» — said the representative of state charge.

Earlier Monday, the Prosecutor asked the Meshchansky court of Moscow sentenced to five years probation former head of the Library of Ukrainian literature Natalia Sharin, accused of extremism and waste of money. In addition, the prosecution asked to recover from Sharina more than 2.1 million rubles on account of the damage to the library.

In total, the charges appear about 25 books, experts, as noted by the lawyer, each of them are found fragments of an extremist. In particular, Pavlov called the book of Dmitry Korchinsky «War in crowd». The lawyer said earlier that this book, no library stamp, so he suggested that «she and several other books could be thrown-in».

Sharina held under house arrest.