The results of the festival in Cannes: the victory of the Swedish «Square», a new prize Zvyagintsev

© RIA Novosti / Valery Legitimerade in fotobounce the city, Kanna. Archival photoThe results of the festival in Cannes: the victory of the Swedish «Square», a new prize Zvyagintsev© RIA Novosti / Valery Legitimerade the image Bank

Winner of the Palme d’or at the Cannes festival the seventies was social satire «Square» Swede Ruben Ostlund, while Russia also did not remain without the award — Andrei Zvyagintsev awarded the jury Prize for his film «Dislike».


This year the fate of the main competition films at the Cannes festival, which includes 19 paintings that were decided by the jury, chaired by Spanish Director Pedro Almodovar. Among the jury members were also American actress Jessica Chastain, Italian Director Paolo Sorrentino and actor will Smith, who could not resist the joke on any press conference of the festival.

«Discussions about movies passed very quietly. Except that Pedro (almodóvar ed.) offered to provide me with sexual services in exchange for my vote,» in his manner told Smith.

The distribution of prizes

The Palme d’or went witty the Swedish film «the Square» by the young Director Ruben Ostlund about the vicissitudes in the life of the Director of the Museum of modern art. In this satirical tragicomedy, the Director talks about the fragmentation of society and lack of understanding of each other.

«I think this movie told us about something completely modern. It is about the dictatorship of political correctness. This dictatorship is as much horrible and frightening as any other dictatorship. The Director shows us many different examples of this. Fortunately, this topic has served with wit and humor,» explained Almodovar at the final press conference of the festival on Sunday.

Grand Prix Kanna handed the Frenchman, Robben Campio behind the tape «120 BPM,» about the struggle of sexual minorities with HIV and indifference of the society in Paris in the early 1990s. He almodóvar promised more glory. Best Director, according to the jury, was Sofia Coppola, who directed the remake of the picture «Fatal temptation» about the meeting of a soldier of the Yankee girls from boarding school confederates.

The prize for best screenplay presented Greek Giorgos lanthimos for the mystical drama «the Killing of a sacred deer» and Scotswoman Lynne Ramsay, for the painting «You’ve never been here before». The work in this film was noted actor Joaquin Phoenix, for which the jury’s decision was so unexpected that he didn’t even bother to fully comply with the dress code of the festival and put on sneakers at the closing ceremony.

Best actress, according to the jury, was Diane Kruger, who performed the role of a young woman who lost her entire family in the attack, the film Fatih akin «out Of nowhere».

Russia has not gone unrewarded

Was not deprived of attention and the Russian film «Dislike» by Andrei Zvyagintsev. For Russian Director is already not unusual to participate in festival competition — in 2014, he came to Cannes with the film «Leviathan» received the prize for best screenplay. This year he was awarded the jury prize.

As told RIA Novosti film critic Kirill Razlogov, the fact that this year Zvyagintsev received the award at a higher level than the previous one, demonstrates his progress as a Director. «The jury is not the most important, but it is a step forward compared to last prize for the scenario, that is, it steps gradually rises, so that in the future he can win the prize and above. But of course he was hoping for more,» explained film critic.

Zvyagintsev himself has described the award as a springboard for his film and for future projects. «Any award at the festival of such level is, of course, recognition of your contribution, you and your group. Your film is checked and it is without a doubt important. I never tire of repeating that the festival is class A, such as Cannes, is an incredible springboard for paintings that jump up,» — said the Director.

Criticism approved

The main favorites of the press this year, according to the rating of the journal Screen, was «Dislike» rating is 3.2 points out of 4 and «You’ve never been here before» with 3.1 points. «Square,» divided the third place with painting «Amazed» by Todd Haynes. Also critics, especially the French journalists liked the «120 BPM». Despite the fact that some of the jury’s decisions were controversial, in General, the journalists were satisfied with his choice, as it was much more than meets the expectations of the majority than last year.

«This year the jury’s opinion coincided with mine, so good except I have their solution. I’m very happy for «Square» and «Dislike», it’s really a good movie, a true modern cinema,» said film critic Jason Gorber.

In turn, film critic Tatyana Shorokhova said that, despite the fact that the anniversary festival was not very successful, its results have been satisfactory. «Very pleased to win the «Square» — Cannes awarded infrequently surreal Comedy. Pedro almodóvar and the jury very well distributed rewards, failing to vylavirovat between art and politics,» — said the Agency interlocutor.


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