Titov told about the problems in the program of legalization of self-employed people

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The program on legalization of the self-employed in its current form has failed, you must legally register the status «self-employed individual entrepreneur,» said Ombudsman for business Boris Titov.

«Went the wrong way. We deal with this subject for four years. Prepared a bill, which was endorsed by the Ministry of Finance and the Pension Fund agreed with him, the document has already been output. The bill singled out self-employed as a separate species of individual entrepreneurs who would have the easiest adjustment,» — said Titov in an interview with RIA Novosti on the eve forum.

Titov explained his proposed bill. «Come to the MFC, bought for 15-20 minutes work permit for at least one month, at least for three years and more than 40 types of activities, work, pay up to 20 thousand roubles a year, and you have no checks, you don’t have to take no accountability and should not be removed from the register when I decided to finish the business,» he said.

But then the government prevailed the concept that the self-employed is not a business. «As the only benefits for these people for what they register as self-employed, was offered a two-year break on personal income tax, and then no one knows but you are already registered», — he reminded.

«Therefore, do not matter, of course, and couldn’t go. Moreover, the legislation is still not ready. They took the first part, Yes, income tax benefits and legal status nothing. In order for the self-employed to enter into the legislation, it is necessary to change 30% of all codes, especially the Civil code. The authorities recognize this, but why go down this path is unclear,» he said.

According to Titov, now his only offer is to go back to the original bill. «Not a hindrance: benefits you can leave, but the question is to still to create a special status of «self-employed individual entrepreneurs», — he explained.

From 2017, the Russian Federation imposed a two-year tax breaks for self-employed people who will declare themselves to the tax authorities. The act applies to three categories of people: nurses and nannies, Tutors and maids. At the end of «tax holidays» in 2019, they will either terminate such activities or to register as individual entrepreneurs and pay taxes.

The authorities are also discussing the possibility of involvement of citizens in the system of social payments. The members of the Federation Council has prepared amendments to the Tax code, according to which proposed from 2019 to enter the patent for self-employed people who do not want to register as individual entrepreneurs. It is proposed to include insurance premiums.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, earlier instructed the government to regulate the legal status of self-employed people.

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