Vasilyev called the decree on the Decade of childhood one of the most important events

© RIA Novosti / Kirill Brigadethe play on the court. Archival photoVasilyev called the decree on the Decade of childhood one of the most important events© RIA Novosti / Kirill Braga

Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva said that the decree of President Vladimir Putin on the Decade of childhood is one of the most important events, her office in the preparation of the action plan plans to address wide range of issues.

Earlier Putin signed a decree making in Russia Decade of childhood. The corresponding document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information. Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said that the priority during the decade of childhood, the nursery will ensure that children under the age of three years, as well as issues of support of motherhood and childhood, demography.

«The decree was signed today. This is one of the most important events. For three months we have to submit a plan, how will be this decade,» — said Vasilyev.

She noted that the Ministry of education is «a large range of issues.»

«This upbringing, and education, and issues of further education, is a child of rest on the ear, because it’s a children’s holiday from 1 June, children-orphans and children with disabilities, and family problems, and our work with parents. That is, the entire range of issues dealt with by the Ministry of education and science always, only, I think it will be more detailed and more deeply,» explained Vasilyev.