Architect Yury Grigoryan: we are «Egyptian» in scale construction

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The Pushkin Museum. Pushkin celebrates 105th birthday. The Museum, created by Ivan Such as a school, today is one of the largest and most prestigious in the world.

As in the early twentieth century, today Pushkin is built — in the coming years around the main building will be a Museum quarter. This ambitious project since 2014 engaged in architectural Bureau «Meganom». The head of the Bureau Yury Grigoryan told Anna Kocharova about how transformed this territory.

For this project the historical and collective. The Museum was created on the initiative of Russian historian and archaeologist Ivan Tsvetaev, with the assistance of philanthropist Nechaev-Maltsov. And, perhaps, only today we can appreciate, how important was this initiative to create awareness of the Museum of fine arts.

Once the Museum was surrounded by residential buildings — mansions and palaces. Today it is the territory of the Museum, which, thanks to these buildings is expanding. Underground space is also included in the project that will help to create the necessary logistics.

The music that arose around the main building of the Museum is in a sense an astronomical system, where the main building is «the sun» and others «planets». This Museum quarter is unique in the world. In world practice it happens that the Museum acquires a new building. There is the Museum quarters, where several museums are located nearby. But that one, the Museum received a large area of the city is quite unusual. Not all economies of the world is possible.

There may be other models: for example, the Museum itself, and the streets themselves. This is not bad. But our scheme aims to ensure that urban space and the Museum space with each other in contact, were dissolved in each other.

The Museum complex includes a number of buildings that are difficult to communicate. The solution of this problem is our proposed concept of «rhizosphere» ─ a single navigation system, lighting, paving, landscaping, designed to bring together landscape in a community. We are working on this task, and given the fact that it covers a sufficiently long time-consuming process.

— It requires significant restoration?

— No, only technically appropriate interventions. For example, farms (the steel structure of the ceiling. — Approx. ed.) Shukhov due to dampness upstairs sometimes heavily rusted, there are a few emergency sections. The General idea of restoration is that the patina of time left. People who know and love the Museum, went there after the restoration, should not see anything that would change the basic idea and spirit of the Museum.

© Provided by the Bureau «Meganom», the Rhizosphere. The development project of the Pushkin Museum to them. PushkinArchitect Yury Grigoryan: we are «Egyptian» in scale construction© courtesy of the Bureau «Meganom», the Rhizosphere. The development project of the Pushkin Museum to them. A. S. Pushkin

We know that the exposition of the main building will change. But we know that it was never static. Tsvetayeva’s exposure disappeared for quite a long time, Pushkin was a Museum of gifts to Stalin. Later exposure also altered several times. Before the curators now is quite an exciting and difficult challenge: how to position in the main building, the art of the Ancient world. Here is the «Kingdom treasure», and the painting will be placed in the gallery of the old masters.

— I read that on the territory of the Museum you are going to plot a route and even to heat these tracks in the winter with the help of modern technology…

— In our project there are a number of ideas that we would like to implement, for example, to arrange the sections of winter trails inside the estate areas. It depends on the financial possibilities. When will be implemented by the project landscaping, then it will be clear what means the city or the Museum as a Federal institution will be able to resolve.