Cuba wants to provide Russian state-owned corporations resort services

© REUTERS / Alexandre Merida in Havana, Cuba. Archival photoCuba wants to provide Russian state-owned corporations resort services© REUTERS / Alexandre Meneghini

The Republic of Cuba is interested to provide sanatorium-resort services to employees of the Russian state-owned corporations, said in an interview with RIA Novosti trade representative of Russia Cuba, Alexander hero in the eve forum.

«Cuba is very interested in providing medical services to Russian citizens, preferably on the basis of agreements with corporate clients that could come to Cuba to be treated and at the same time to enjoy beautiful beaches,» said Hercules.

«Export of health services is one of the main items of income of the Cuban budget, thousands of Cuban doctors are sent to work abroad in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Also, Cuba has provided medical services in the country for foreign citizens», — he said.

The trade representative added that the island «there are a number of areas of medicine in which the Cuban achievements have been recognized internationally». «Of course, that separate areas in which the state deliberately concentrating forces and means. As examples, Oncology, pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine,» said Hercules.

She also said that enhancing cooperation with Russia in the field of pharmaceuticals in Moscow will soon open a representative office BioCubaFarma, the largest Cuban company specializing in the development and export of drugs.