In Tatarstan will provide paved roads 27 settlements

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Epanchintseva in the image BankIn Tatarstan will provide paved roads 27 settlements© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Epanchintseva the image Bank

Road workers in the Republic in 2017 will provide access roads with a firm covering 27 localities, the funds for the road for 17 out of them are the Federal government, said Tuesday the Minister of transport and road economy of Republic Lenar Safin.

«We continue to work with the Federal government, and the programme of road works this year plan to connect the 27 settlements with paved roads… According to the program of transport system development until 2020 on rural roads with funds we receive this year from the Federal budget in the amount of almost 600 million rubles,» — said Safin at a press briefing in the government of the Republic.

Thus, according to him, the Federal program paved roads will be laid to 17 settlements, 10 settlements, they planned to build at the expense of the Republican program.

The Minister noted that in 2010 in the Republic of 372 settlements are connected by hallways with hard surface, because of this comfortable road got more than 50 thousand inhabitants of the Republic.

According to Safina, in the Republic today, formed all programs of road construction. Only in 2017, according to him, it is planned to construct about 120 kilometers of new roads of Federal and regional level, to repair — more than 1.2 thousand kilometers of Federal and regional roads. In particular, the Federal motor road M-7 «Volga», where work is carried out in five sections, this year it is planned to put into operation two sections with a total length of 30 kilometers. All the work here is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, as stipulated in the contracts.

On regional roads it is planned to repair about 300 miles of roads and seven bridges, build 89 miles of roads and five bridges. Also in 2017 will be given to standard road condition on the route 62 school routes, 32 built, also approaching farmers with a total length of 26 kilometers in 23 municipal districts.

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