In the state Duma introduced a draft on the suppression of unauthorized money transfers

© Fotolia / leungchopanОплата credit card. Archival photoIn the state Duma introduced a draft on the suppression of unauthorized money transfers© Fotolia / leungchopan

Deputies «Fair Russia» Anatoly Aksakov and Mikhail Yemelyanov introduced a bill establishing the right of the operator on money transfer pause transfer in the case of the detection of signs of its Commission without the consent of the payer.

«In this regard, the bill proposes the following… to amend the Federal laws «On the national payment system» the following changes: to legislate the right, and in some cases the duty of the operator to transfer funds to the suspension of transfer of funds if evidence is revealed that the transfer of funds without the consent of the payer», — stated in the explanatory materials to the draft law.

Signs of unauthorized transfer will be determined on the basis of the requirements of the Bank of Russia, as well as by the operator.

The bill determines the order of action of operators of the funds in identifying signs of misconduct and unauthorized transfer to return the money to the rightful owner and an order of refund at the proof of the fact that the transfer was carried out without the consent of the client.

The authors also reinforce the payer or the operator of money transfer, the maintenance payer, the right to address in arbitration court with the purpose of establishing the fact of unauthorized transfer.

The developers of the draft law noted that the implementation of this draft law may be the first step towards creating a unified and comprehensive system to counter any unauthorized operations on the financial market.