In the United States pony trampled three persons on the parade

© 2017 AFP / PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOUПони. Archival photoIn the United States pony trampled three persons on the parade© 2017 AFP / PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU

Three people suffered serious damage in the American Wisconsin in the parade in honor of memorial Day, when the ponies, ceased to obey commands of his master, ran into the crowd, according to ABC.

Three injured at Memorial Day parade in Wisconsin after show ponies break loose from the handlers, run into crowd.

— ABC News (@ABC) may 29, 2017

The TV channel notes that the reason for this behaviour could be that pony sounds of fireworks and tennis balls thrown at them by children.

The police said that, despite the attempts to stop the animals, carriages harnessed pony still crashed into the crowd.

As a result of the incident injured three people, two of whom — 77-year-old man and 9-year — old boy was taken to hospital.
Pony after the incident was brought to the vet.

Memorial day in USA is celebrated in the memory of all the fallen on the battlefields the Americans.