«Mail of Russia» has reduced the waiting time in the queue of the Moscow nearly doubled

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in fotoracconti branch of Mail of Russia. Archival photo«Mail of Russia» has reduced the waiting time in the queue of the Moscow nearly doubled© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The average waiting time in post offices of Moscow has nearly halved from 11 minutes in January to 6 minutes in may 2017. This was a result of the implementation of the program «Mail queues», launched in February, told reporters Deputy General Director of «Mail» for mail order business, and Express delivery, managing of Moscow branch Sergey Malyshev.

«The task before the end of the year to scale the project to all cities, and then to the whole country», — said General Director of «Mail of Russia» Dmitry Strashnov.

«We positively assess the results of the project (in Moscow — ed.). Its implementation does not require large expenditures, so that we can quickly scale the program to the regions in the second half,» said Strashnov.

In the cities the load on the network of post offices over the last few years in connection with the development of e-Commerce has increased almost five times. To combat the queues in the ever-increasing traffic «Mail of Russia» and launched the program.


As noted by Malyshev, the greatest effect gave a new model of work with legal persons – from February they were transferred to service in specialized departments, thereby freeing up office for working with individuals. Now in Moscow operates 221 point for receiving written correspondence from legal entities in 150 offices letters you can send for cash, and in 71 Department written correspondence from organizations are accepted on a contractual basis with payment in the form of cash. To receive and send parcels, small packets and sending EMS legal entity can in 100 Centres for issuing and receiving parcels.

In addition, in 315 the offices of «Mail» in Moscow installed a system of electronic queue, which helps to control the flow of customers, as well as the time that the operator spends for the provision of a service. In 146 offices with the largest flow of customers and where particularly popular service of delivery of parcels, in the client room work administrators. They issue postage (no cod).

«On the basis of the Moscow branch of the situational center was created, whose members in real-time monitor the work of post offices. If they fix the queue, then transmit a signal about the need for more efficient customer service the head office. Video-surveillance system is already installed in all 473 Metropolitan branches,» — said Malyshev.

Staff and salary

The programme was developed and a new method for the selection of personnel for post offices. In February-may of 2017 to work in the post office was taken at 515 more people than left the company. To date, the liaison offices are manned by operators of 97.2%, which is 10 percentage points higher than at the end of 2016 (87%).

The programme in Moscow, the company carries out optimization management personnel, whose functions were duplicated or lost its relevance in connection with the automation of processes. The first stage was redistributed the functionality of the 486 staff members in the Executive office of the post offices. The released funds are directed on increase of salaries to employees of post offices that has allowed to increase the salaries of chiefs of post offices and their deputies to market levels. According to preliminary data, in relation to April 2016, the average salary of heads of departments in April 2017 increased by 19% and amounted to 60,884 thousand rubles, and Deputy chiefs by 20% and reached 51,670 thousand rubles.