Ministry of Russia is preparing a program of labor mobility

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Ministry of Russia is preparing a program for the development of labor mobility with working title «Compatriots 2.0», the Ministry said citing its Deputy head, Sergei kachaeva.

About the programme Kachaev told in the framework of the session «Migration attractiveness of the Far East» at the third all-Russian conference «Demographic development of the Far East», which takes place Sunday in Blagoveshchensk. As previously reported, in 2025 in the far East it is planned to implement 611 projects with a total investment of 2.3 trillion rubles, will create 100 thousand new jobs.

According to the Ministry, 20% of the planned new jobs can already be occupied by personnel from the Far East, for the other 80% need to attract people from other regions.

Now a program of the Ministry of labor stimulation of labor mobility, it provides subsidies to employers for relocation and settlement of staff. «Through this program, at least in the form in which it now exists, we will not be able to satisfy demand in the tens of thousands of professionals. Definitely need to upgrade it» — are words in the message kachaeva.

In addition, will need upgrading programme for relocation of compatriots from abroad, he said.

«We offered the program «Compatriots 2.0″, which is similar to that program, but aimed at citizens of the Russian Federation. And we offer to provide assistance to the citizen of the Russian Federation on employment in the far East, moving to the far East and on its adaptation and adjustment of a life,» said Kachaev.

«All these stages will accompany the Agency on human capital development in the far East. Each phase will be subsidized. In the case of the adoption of this program, we will be able in a relatively short time to provide staff for the projects implemented in the far East», — he added.

The Ministry agrees with the Federal authorities of the draft programme. Speaking at the session of the heads of the far Eastern regions, Kachaev said that it is necessary to determine the amount of funds needed and the number of jobs that can be provided in the program.


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