More than 22 thousand people eliminate the consequences of the hurricane in Central Russia

© Photo : AGN «Moscow»/ Kielipaketteja squally wind in Moscow. 29 may 2017More than 22 thousand people eliminate the consequences of the hurricane in Central Russia© Photo : AGN «Moscow»/ Sergey Kiselev

More than 22 thousands of people liquidate the consequences of the hurricane in Moscow, the Moscow, Vladimir, Tula, Tver, Ryazan and Kaluga regions, reported the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

«For liquidation of consequences of elements from different ministries, agencies and services attracted more than 22,3 thousand people and over 5 thousand units of equipment», — said the Agency interlocutor.

On Monday, in the power of an atmospheric front was the Central part of Russia, it was accompanied by rain, hail and strong winds up to 30 meters per second.

«The result was more than 6.5 felled thousands of trees, damaged roofs of more than 180 multi-storey private houses and administrative buildings, a hospital, was damaged more than 1.9 thousand units of private vehicles and one passenger bus, there is a delay in the movement of more than 130 passenger commuter trains, 23 passenger trains were cancelled 4 of the Vnukovo Aeroexpress directions for ground station of the Moscow metro was arrested 5 trains», — said in the MOE.

In addition, the hurricane made dead more than 300 settlements, 16.5 thousand houses in which live more than 44 thousand people, and 1375 of country houses.

In the MOE said that the Ministry has fallen more than 3 thousand trees, damaged roofs 42 homes and one hospital, 322 of the vehicle. In most of the hurricane affected Moscow, where more than 3.5 felled thousands of trees, damaged roofs of more than 140 multi-apartment houses and administrative buildings were damaged more than 1.5 thousand units of private vehicles.

«At present, the management bodies and forces of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow, Vladimir, Tula and Tver areas of Moscow and transferred in the mode of increased readiness. In collaboration with local authorities and other emergency services organized the work of operational teams, disaster recovery and integrated teams,» — said in the MOE.

The Ministry stressed that informing the public about the rules of conduct in this situation was organized by television channels and radio stations, as well as SMS sending mobile operators.

«Currently, emergency repair work on the systems of power supply to 16 districts of the Moscow, Ryazan and Tula regions, where de-energized 50 settlements with a population of over 20 thousand people. The work of the Moscow airports, road and rail transport are carried out in a regular mode», — said the representative of the Ministry.

According to the forecast Center «Antistikhia» MOE, may 30, the front weakens and moves from West to East, will have its influence on the upper and middle Volga region, where projected precipitation and wind increase up to 22 m/s.

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