Moskalkova said the words of Macron on the situation with gay rights in Russia

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The Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova says legitimate concern of the President of France Emmanuel Makron about the rights of homosexuals in Chechnya.

Previously, macron said that at the talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin discussed the situation with sexual minorities in Chechnya, agreed to jointly monitor the situation of LGBT people in Russia.

«International organization, like any other country, has a right to attend to the protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen… It is a dialogue. Importantly, this dialogue has been unbiased, honest and based on the principles of humanism, justice and desire to protect people. And we are also open to dialogue,» — said Moskalkova reporters on Tuesday, answering the question whether the interest of the head of the French intervention in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The Ombudsman noted that, in particular, she is concerned about the violation of the rights of people in other countries, for example, respecting the rights of refugees in Europe.

«To me this question addressed (Secretary General of the Council of Europe thorbjørn) Jagland. I was with him in dialogue. And I send him the data if he is worried, which I received as a result of those inspections, which including my motions being,» she said.

Informed Jagland welcomed the intention Moskalkova to direct employees of their unit in Chechnya to investigate information about possible persecution of homosexuals in the region.

International Human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Friday published a report on the persecution of gays in Chechnya, it is based on interviews with victims men, journalists and experts who were victims.



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