On the Russian shelves might soon be shrimp and lobster from Cuba

© Flickr / Philippe Gama Paella with shrimpOn the Russian shelves might soon be shrimp and lobster from Cuba© Flickr / Philippe Gama

Seafood with Cuba may soon appear on the Russian shelves, said in an interview with RIA Novosti trade representative of Russia Cuba, Alexander hero in the eve forum.

«New topic for us – seafood: shrimp and lobster, there are several Russian companies active in these products, hopefully coming soon and the first contracts», — said the athlete.

According to him, «I must admit that the volumes of production of seafood in Cuba is small by the standards of the international market and Cuba have no problem with their implementation, they are well sold in Japan and China, to Europe.»

«But for Cubans it is important that their product was known in Russia, so they are ready to allocate certain volumes, so to speak, to show the flag,» — said the trade representative.

In addition, from Cuba to Russia is the delivery of the famous rum, but in small quantities. «In our country there is no tradition of consumption, the largest market Roma are the United States,» added Hercules.