Putin visited the classes of the Russian language in the Russian spiritual and cultural center

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in fotobanka during a visit to the Russian spiritual cultural center in ParisPutin visited the classes of the Russian language in the Russian spiritual and cultural center© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo attended classes of the Russian language in Russian spiritual and cultural center on the Quai Branly, reported on Monday the head of the Russian classical gymnasium Yulia Rebinder.

She said that the students proudly took the guests and gave them their drawings. At the request of the children Putin and the mayor of Paris was photographed with them for memory.

According to Rebinder, the center is teaching Russian language to a wide audience on the latest techniques. The Russian head of state was presented the program of additional education on offer operating in the territory of the Russian classical gymnasium, training centre of the Institute of Russian language named after Pushkin, the oldest in France parochial school of the diocese of Korsun, mugs for children and adults in Russian and French.

The next class were the lessons of the drama group. The lesson was led by the Director of the Paris Institute of Pushkin’s Tatyana Sokolova. She said that for the upcoming birthday of Alexander Pushkin, the children are preparing a performance of «there stands». Upon request students with expression read Pushkin’s lines. «Thank you, guys! Good luck to you too!» — wished the President.

Opening October 19, 2016 the Russian spiritual cultural center in Paris gave a new impetus to development of cultural dialogue between Russia and France. According to Sokolova, «the teaching of Russian is almost 400 colleges and lycées of France.» «More and more popular more schools of education where the language of Pushkin is possible to study an intensive program,» — said the head of the Institute.

She recalled that the language of Pushkin was owned by General Charles de Gaulle. During his visit to Moscow in 1966, the President concluded his speech in Russian. Admirer of Russian poet is one of the successors to the General at the head of the Fifth Republic, Jacques Chirac, who learned Russian in his youth and even translated into French Chapter of «Eugene Onegin».

Sokolov has noticed that is becoming more popular and schools where Russian language can be studied in an intensive program. In a country such schools are already about 100. Only the Paris school «Scarlet sails», is located in a historic XVI arrondissement of the French capital, today 300 students.

Along with the universities of Paris, the Russian language is taught today in high schools of Bordeaux, Dijon, Lille, Lyon, nice, Strasbourg, Toulouse. In some universities linguistic specialization can be combined with the diploma in international trade, law, geopolitics, sociology and Economics.